Saturday 10 June
1200  Musical Mania (Momentum Performing Arts)
1330  A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Taster (The Forth Act)
1430  The Book Club of Little Witterington (Edinburgh People's Theatre)
1530  Workshop: CLOWN & PHYSICAL COMEDY (Shifting Sands Theatre)
1630  The Wheel of Misfortune (Frighthouse Productions)
1800  Sing in the City: Under the Castle (Sing in the City)

Sunday 11 June
1200  Our ABC Story (Mr Blue Productions)
1330  KS Dance Academy (KS Dance)
1430  The Not-So-Rude Mechanicals (The Meadows Mummers)
1530  Waiting for Champagne (Resilience Theatre Movement)
1700  Letters from Holloway (Kate Macsween)
1800  Moliere’s Garden Party (The Mirror of Stage | Lustro SCENY)